Product introduction

Waterproof Cleansing Brush / Applicator set

Low speed:380+/-50rpm
High speed:520+/-50rpm
Battery: 3V, 2*AAA batteries
Size:5.8x8x9.3 cm
Packing:Color box
Work time:1.5 hours

Deep Cleansing Brush: Tiny and soft bristles flush and dislodge oil and debris in the pores, deeply clean skin.

Exfoliated Brush: Tiny and high tenacity Nylon bristies exfoliate dead skin effectively.

With five replacements,suitable for different skin and different part, using more intimate.

With 2 varying levels of rotating speed, you can use it according to your specific skin concerns, Designed for fragile or acne skin. Speed#1 380rpm is delicate enough for even very sensitive skin conditions. Speed#2 520rpm is developed for oily and thicker cuticle skin. 

Dust-tight and protected against water jets IP65 design.